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Middle School Launches a Book Club

Friday, March 5, 2021

Middle School Academic Advisor Debbie Chandler started a book club for students this winter. The club is reading Torrey Maldonado's What Lane?, a coming-of-age story about a boy of mixed race. Topics include race, prejudice, racism, and white allyship. Members of the club meet after reading several chapters of the book.

About 30 faculty members have volunteered to record themselves reading a chapter of the book so students can listen to the book if they choose.

The Black Lives Matter movement motivated Chandler to start the book club. "I am a white teacher working at a school where the majority of our student population is white," she said. "I thought discussing this book with students would play a part in showing our school's commitment to anti-racism."

Chandler hopes the book club provides students an opportunity to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as time to socialize.

cover of what lane