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Learning to Navigate Race-Related Topics with Students

Friday, February 12, 2021

In the fall, several members of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the Elementary•Middle School attended a valuable workshop, The ABCs of Racism, offered by Wee the People. This training inspired committee members to share a recap of several of the important takeaways from the workshop. In January, more than 20 faculty members gathered virtually in the evening to learn more, and a teacher in-service training day followed, with about 30 faculty members participating.

During this training, participants reflected on their own realization of racial identity and examined the research on the development of racial biases in children. Some of the discussion centered on the concept of how color blindness upholds racism, and faculty explored possible ways to integrate the discussion of race and naming skin color into the classroom. Finally, participants learned and practiced utilizing the ACT (Affirm-Counter-Transform) framework. ACT is a research-informed approach developed by the Center for Social Inclusion that uses empathetic and strategic communication to address topics related to race, racial identity, and racism. Participants discussed ways to use this framework to help navigate uncomfortable or complex race-related topics that come up with students, with the goal of advancing racial equity, thereby creating a more safe, inclusive environment for all at EMS. 

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