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Landmark Student Poems

In honor of National Poetry Month, we are sharing several poems written by Landmark students. Each poem was written from different prompts given in class. Click the title below to jump to the poem.

Hidden Protector

Walls must fall


Absolutely Beautiful


Your Hidden Protector

by Claude Ropitsky

From this day forth
It is my soul duty to
Separate you from the
Harsh conditions of the

But what's this?
I sit here collecting
Dust. My color was
Once so vibrant
But now it fades

I feel like you
Have forgotten me
Why do I lay at the

Now what's this?
You shake the dust
Off my old soul
At last I go with
You where ever
You go.


Walls must fall

by Alex Phelan

I’ve experienced what most haven't
Seen the unseeable
Felt harm and peace and terror
I've grown big and strong
I’m reinforced to protect, to keep things in and out
But, no
What happened to me
I’m torn apart pieces of me spread out across the world
All this because of war
What does war do
It hurts
I've given it my all
Have I done my part well
All I am is just a wall
Now, it's my time to fall



by Kiki Finn

It’s the sound of the sun trying to get through your shades.
It’s the sound of the wind blowing past your tears.
It’s the sound of the rain clashing against your window.
t’s the sound of the steps you take to greatness.
You know you can't accomplish greatness, but you try.
You try to hold back the tears, your tears. Your anger, and your fear.
But you just end up lost.
We are all lost.
We are all drifting apart from sanity.
As we hope and pray for the better days.
The days when you feel happy instead of empty.
The days where your nightmares become dreams with happy endings.
The days where the silence of sleep doesn't scare me.


Absolutely Beautiful

by Alexia ZInzopoulos

Driving along the coast
Smelling the beautiful floral aroma
Salty hair blowing in the wind
All the windows down
The sun kissing my skin
My eyes catch the most beautiful sight ever
A bright blue glistening blanket of water
Surrounded by the pink and orange horizon
THE MOST beautiful thing I've ever seen