middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Landmark Idol Returns

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

It's been two years since Landmark's talented students took to the stage for our own version of American Idol,  and it was worth the wait!

In October, 15 brave students took to the stage and put on a rollicking show, lip-syncing to the latest chart-topping tunes and classic anthems. Congratulations to the winners: JR Sasso '25(first place) and Kat Grocela '22 and  Summer O’Sullivan '23 (tied for second). 

Not to be outdone, faculty judges Jim Kuhns, Jen O'Riordan, and Taylor Morrow nearly stole the show with their creative costumes and animated feedback. 

A special thank you to host Scott Jamieson, Nate Efinger, and the Woodside residents and staff for making it a night to remember.

landmark idol judges