middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Landmark Blog Launches LBLD Series

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Landmark School’s blog, Landmark360.org, has launched a five-part series, What Is a Language-Based Learning Disability?, in conjunction with Dyslexia Awareness Month. Bob Broudo, the headmaster of Landmark School, wrote the first article, "What We Know About LBLD and Learning," which chronicles the early awareness of and research into Language-Based Learning Disabilities (LBLDs) and the subsequent developments in neuroscience, research, and direct experience that have led to an increased understanding of LBLD and what needs to be done to ensure that educators have the proper tools to help students with LBLD succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Other articles in the series will address assessment of LBLD, remediation of LBLD, early intervention, and a case study of a family with two children with LBLDs.