middle school students in classroom wearing masks

Key Ceremony at Landmark EMS

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Elementary•Middle School community gathered for a new twist on its annual Key Ceremony. Instead of one big ceremony with all of the elementary classes, each class held its own ceremony over the course of a week. These more intimate gatherings included students, their guests, and teachers. Teachers commented how nice it was to have a smaller ceremony that gave them time to connect with each of the families.

During the ceremony, elementary students were recognized for their patriotism, responsibility, courage, and many more qualities with "keys." 

"I’m hoping to get the 'persistence' key," Riley, an elementary student, commented, "Because it is purple."

Kenyon, a father of one of the students, said, "We are so happy to be on campus to celebrate in-person and watch our students continue to grow and flourish."

Ms. Sullivan, Head of the Elementary•Middle School, has this to say about the ceremonies, "This year's Elementary Key Ceremony, held as eight intimate class ceremonies over the course of the week, was nothing short of remarkable. The elementary teachers described each of their students in such profoundly touching ways. The personalized remarks aptly illustrated the connections they all created in their classrooms despite the challenges and obstacles of teaching through a pandemic. It was also a wonderful sight to have families physically present on our campus as they have been an integral part of our success this year in particular."

Families, students, faculty, and staff all enjoyed this celebration that illustrates what makes Landmark such a special and impactful place.

Peruse through a photo gallery of the ceremonies.