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Japanese Educators Visit Landmark

Friday, October 6, 2017

Japanese visitor pose for a shot with Landmark's Student Advocates

In September, Landmark welcomed once again a study group of Japanese educators, including two members who made a return visit from last year. Kazuki Tani, a professor at Tamagawa University in Tokyo, and Takayuki Ono, an elementary special education teacher, were part of a visiting group last September. This year, Professor Tani led a team of six educators. Their trip was part of a greater context of visits from Japanese special education professors, researchers, and teachers dating back four decades!

The primary goal of the trip was to observe Landmark reading and mathematics methods and apply their knowledge to help students with language-based learning differences in Japan.  

The group visited our Elementary•Middle School and High School campuses in addition to scheduling time to visit public schools in Manchester and Marblehead. We thank the special educators in those districts for being so welcoming and look forward to welcoming our peers from Japan back sometime soon. 

The photo shows three of the visitors who met with our High School Student Advocates to learn about their first-hand experience having a language-based learning disability.