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International Group Rebrands as InterCultural Group

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The International Group has been an active club in the Landmark community for many years, celebrating Landmark School's diverse cultural backgrounds. This year, the group's leadership team proposed and voted to change the name of the club to InterCultural Group. The new name reflects the shift in the demographics of their membership, as well as the content of their meetings. While they will continue to celebrate the different cultures represented at Landmark School, the group is now more focused on addressing social and cross-cultural issues.

The InterCultural Group's mission statement has been adjusted to reflect the change as well. Their mission is:

To foster a sense of identity, acceptance, and belonging for all Landmark students; to acknowledge, bring attention to, and celebrate the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of the entire community; and to discuss domestic and international issues that impact our society.

"For me, the Intercultural group is a place where I and my fellow students can come and discuss current topics in our community as well as the world. Where I can share my opinion and have a meaningful, cultural conversation where I hear others who may see a situation from a different angle."

–Nathaniel S. '21

The group meets virtually on Tuesday evenings.

The new officers pictured below are: Ethan K., Nathaniel S., Mark S., Kaitlin R., and Vicky K., along with their faculty facilitators, Ms. Day and Ms. Zaralides.

InterCultural Group in a Virtual Meeting