student and teacher working with letter tiles

Instructions for Completing a Modifiable PDF Form

Please review the following instructions to successfully complete the Landmark school application as a modifiable PDF

  • Use only the latest version of Adobe Reader to complete modifiable PDF forms. Macintosh and Windows versions of the free Adobe Reader are available from Adobe
  • Before completing the application, save the application form (PDF format) to a location on your computer. (Example: Desktop or Documents.) 
  • Right click on the form and click “save as” and save to your Desktop or Documents. Do not complete the form online within your web browser because your data will NOT be saved. Please save it to your computer first, then fill it out!
  • Once you have saved the form to your computer, you are ready to complete the form. 
  • Open the Landmark School Application. As you work through the application, please save your changes frequently to ensure that no information is lost.  Please do not click on any links or email addresses in the application until after you have completed and saved it.  Instead, copy and paste the links or email addresses into your browser or email.
  • Fill out the Application.
  • After you have completed the application, save a final version of the file to your computer. 
  • When ready to submit the application via email to, don’t forget to attach it to your email, along with any other supporting documentation.  
  • Please forward the forms beginning on page 12 to service providers (i.e., teachers, physicians) and have them email the completed forms to