student and teacher working with letter tiles

Identity Day 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019

On January 25, the Landmark Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and the International Group celebrated Landmark's third annual Identity Day, a dress-down fundraiser in which students are encouraged to dress in clothing that represents their identity. Events included a photobooth, rich Belgian waffles provided by Sage Dining Services, and a collaborative "iceberg" project. Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit Outright International and The Trevor Project.

identity day landmark high schoolFor the iceberg project, students wrote qualities about themselves on color-coded index cards. They wrote "surface-level" items, or the tip-of-the-iceberg qualities that people see about them in their daily lives, on yellow cards. Green cards revealed hidden pieces of their identities that people would have to dig deeper to find out about them. The iceberg is on display in the Swalm Science Building.

"The goal is to raise awareness for the mosaic of identities that our community is made up of and to give students the opportunity to celebrate who they are in a more visible way," said Jennifer Moy, an academic advisor and organizer of Identity Day. 

Students Embrace Their Differences

During milkbreak, after filling out their index cards, students indulged in the waffles, layering them with hot fudge and whipped cream. Many were eager to discuss their feelings about Identity Day.

"On Identity Day, I can show off my Mexican heritage and roots that people don't see on a daily basis," said Ethan Kerr '21.

"It's a day to show tht I'm bi and part of the LGBTQ community," Beth Singer '20.

"In my opinion, Identity Day is a celebration of differences within our community and an opportunity to spend time together and recognize that we're all different. That's the beauty of it all," said Jamie Pehl '21. "We should all remember that we all have different backgrounds and histories that contribute to our opinions and ideologies."

"Identity Day is the freedom to express yourself no matter how people perceive you," Edward Crain '19.