student and teacher working with letter tiles

At-Home Labs

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Hands-on learning and experimenting continues to thrive at Landmark—just in a different setting! Sophie Wilson's science classes at the Elementary•Middle School studied oceanography and marine ecology in May. Students learned about properties of ocean water, currents, waves, tides, climate change, and the impact of micro-plastics in the marine environment. Several classes conducted at-home experiments, testing how an egg floats in water at varying salinity levels and devising an aluminum foil boat that can support as many pennies as possible before sinking. In the foil boat challenge, Max's vessel supported an impressive 176 pennies! We love that each student tried several different designs and was able to analyze how each design impacted the effectiveness of the foil boat. Do you have some foil and a few pennies at home? Try out this project for yourself! 

Aluminum Foil Boat 1

Aluminum Foil Boat 2

Aluminum Foil Boat 4

Aluminum Foil Boat 3

Aluminum Foil Boat 5

Aluminum Foil Boat 6

Aluminum Foil Boat 7

Aluminum Foil Boat 8

Aluminum Foil Boat 9