landmark high school graduation

Transition Planning: Senior Year

Making a Plan

Now that students have learned about their interests, learning style, and options, senior year is the time to take all that information and begin to make specific plans for the future.  


  • Meet with academic advisor and guidance counselor to review courses to ensure you are meeting gradation requirements as well as acceptance requirements of schools that are on your application list.
  • Register and take the SAT and/or ACT as needed.
  • Review types of support and develop an understanding of the differences between high school and college.
  • Work on your personal essay. Seek teacher assistance.
  • Meet with Guidance to complete the Common Application and other applications as needed.
  • Review college list for any LD programs that have special applications and/or unique deadlines.
  • Finalize your list of schools.
  • Parents should plan to meet with guidance counselor during fall Parents’ Days.
  • Ask two or three teachers to write a recommendation. Provide them with your school list and a copy of your résumé when you make the request.
  • Attend college representative meetings on campus.
  • Make sure psycho-educational testing is updated.
  • Begin completing applications and submit them to Guidance Office.
  • Begin to schedule application interviews.
  • Develop a list of questions for the schools and set up school visits.


  • Complete all applications.
  • Finish scheduling application interviews as appropriate.
  • Continue to visit schools and meet with students and LD support faculty.
  • Contact admissions office to confirm that your applications are complete.
  • Complete FAFSA paperwork.
  • Learn about the transition from high school to college at Saturday School workshop with college support staff.


  • Review list of college acceptances as you receive them.
  • Plan to attend accepted students’ days as appropriate.
  • Discuss final decision with family, academic advisor, and guidance counselor.
  • Make final decision and send in your deposit (usually by May 1).
  • Contact support service office to submit documentation of learning disability and discuss accommodations.
  • Complete Landmark School academic work.
  • Meet with Guidance to review course options for freshman year.
  • Organize copies of your paperwork.
  • Graduate!