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Medical and Dental Costs

Explanation of Cost Responsibilities and Billing

Landmark provides on-campus nursing services. Any services rendered on campus are provided without cost to the student. Any over-the-counter medication normally stocked in the Health Center is also provided without cost.

In an emergency, residential and day students will have access to Dr. Avgerinos, the school doctor. If your policy requires a referral from your primary care physician prior to treatment, please have your physician write a referral letter to Dr. Avgerinos in order for him to treat your child when necessary. Please attach the referral letter to the Parental Authorization Form.

Landmark does provide a medical insurance program for international residential students only. For more information, contact Jodi Bertolino in the Business Office, 978.236.3206. All other parents should check their health plans to ensure that their child is adequately protected, and should expect to be billed for any off-campus medical services provided to their child. Students participating in athletics must have insurance to cover ambulance, ER, and X-Ray costs.


Emergency transportation will be provided to a medical or dental office within the Beverly area without cost. Parents will be responsible for transportation to regularly scheduled appointments outside the Beverly area. Office calls or emergency room use will be billed by the physician or hospital just as if the child were home. Special prescription drugs intended for a specific child will be billed at actual pharmacy cost.

Medical Billing

Regular or emergency dental treatment will be billed directly to parents by the dentist or orthodontist.

Whenever appropriate, psychological or psychiatric services will be billed directly to master medical plans. Otherwise, special services not covered in the individual Education Plan may be billed to parents.

Residential Students: Allergy Treatment

All allergy injections are given at the physician’s office and will be billed directly to parents by the physician. The allergy serum and instruction sheet must be given to the Landmark School nurse upon registration (or enrollment) at the school. Allergy injection appointments are arranged through the Health Center.