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Lopardo 1

Lop 1 Landmark

Housing 27 students, Lopardo 1 is a community built on openness and respect. The students range in ages from 14-18. Along with the houseparent, Ben DiFrancesco, there are 2 additional live-in staff members Chris Hunt and Matthew Genetelli.  Lopardo 1 has three core values that help bring the community closer: honesty, respect, and integrity. These values are established during orientation and students grow to create a welcoming environment throughout the year. This sense of community keeps the house, and all its members, progressing forward in a healthy manner. The Lopardo community is cultivated through activities such as community service events, house nights, and team-building development. Lopardo 1 instills values that become the foundation for students throughout their time at Landmark.

-Ben DiFrancesco, Houseparent