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Landmark School

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group of students doing a trust building exercise outside in the woods

Residential Houses

There are seven single-gender residence halls at Landmark High School. Residential advisors, or "house parents," live in each dorm, as well as two other faculty members. The Residential Advisor is responsible for the implementation of the residential mission. These Advisors act as mediators, mentors, and advocates for students. Live-in faculty are also responsible for the supervision of students, and are members of our teaching faculty. This fully staffed program provides an around-the-clock living and teaching environment.

Each house hosts house nights and community nights, organizes after-school and community-service activities, and offers outings on the weekend. Visit the page of each house for more information.

Bain House Michael Gaeta
Campus Cottage Carlton Winslow
Lopardo 1 John Michaud
Lopardo 2 Ben DiFrancesco
Porter House Kevin Roberts
Williston Hall Brigid Houlihan/Kate Harrington
Woodside Hall Jennifer O'Riordan