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landmark boys varsity soccer team talking to coach

Athlete of the Week

Antonio Calvanese

*Thanks to Ms. Spreer for the picture!

Antonio Calvanese, AKA "Big T" stepped it up big this week. After the starting goalie got sidelined by injury last week, Big T filled the toughest role on the field without hesitation. He has had 100% participation since the season began, is usually one of the loudest from the bench, and is passionate about the game. Big T's hard work, focus, and fearless attitude have paid off as the Vikings' new starting net minder, and he has played the position with ferocity after only two games between the posts.\

During Wednesday's senior day game against Beaver Country Day, Big T kept the Vikings in the game with a couple key saves (that might end up on ESPN's top ten plays) and during some tough moments, he modeled composure and grit for the rest of the team to follow.

*Thanks to Coach Clark for the write-up!