landmark school boat building

Boat Building

Jeremiah Riordan started the woodworking and boat building program at Landmark School many years ago. During his tenure students did a range of woodworking projects in the shop and even helped construct some of the buildings on campus. One of the most noteworthy contributions he made was teaching students to carve half hulls to complex and accurate shapes.

Building Boats

Students built boats. The standard was the "Pride’s Rock Skiff" of his design. Students started with a blueprint then carved a half model to scale. The next step was "lofting" or drawing the boat full size on the floor. From the lofting the shapes of the stem, transom, and moulds were determined then built and set up. They then built the boat. Students experienced the entire process from a blueprint through the finished product. Jeremiah’s work was significant and valuable to a great number of students and many were deeply touched.

For more information contact Doug Turnbull, head of Boatbuilding and Woodworking, 978-236-3231