landmark school boat building


Jeremiah Riordan started the woodworking and boat building program at Landmark School. During his tenure, students did a range of woodworking projects in the shop and even helped construct some of the buildings on campus. 

Woodworking in the 21st Century

When Jeremiah passed on, the particulars of the woodworking program shifted with the change in faculty. Students rebuilt the shop to bring in more natural light and reorganized work and storage areas. The Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association provided generous grants that enabled Landmark to purchase all new hand tools and power equipment. Their support has been extremely valuable and we’re grateful for it. We now have an effective small shop serving many of our High School students. 

Dreaming and Building

There is no fixed curriculum in the shop. Students choose their own projects, if realistic, and instruction is focused on tools, materials, and methods applicable to the job at hand. Students are motivated from within. They generate an extraordinary range of work, much more than any instructor would. At times students work together or do jobs for others. This generates  a broader sense of achievement and self esteem. Landmark students have exhibited wonderful creativity, cooperation, commitment, and skill over the years.

For more information contact Doug Turnbull, Head of Boatbuilding and Woodworking, 978-236-3231