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Auto Mechanics

This course offers students exposure to the fundamental concepts and practices of basic automotive repair. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition and application of fine and gross motor skills related to mechanical tasks and in the understanding and observance of all safety rules necessary for proper caution in the automotive shop.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Selection and use of hand tools, such as open-end, combination, and socket wrenches.
  • Screwdrivers and other specialized tools.
  • Selection and use of power tools, such as drills, impact wrenches, tire-changing machine, and electric car lift.
  • General maintenance skills: monitoring of fluids in the crankcase, transmission, rear-end, braking, cooling, and steering systems.
  • Repair and replacement of both disc- and drum-braking systems.
  • Repacking and replacement of wheel bearings.
  • Use of gauges to detect voltage and currents in the electronic system.

Advanced instruction in the repair and replacement of valve assemblies, exhaust systems, suspension repair, power train components, and engine rebuilding may be covered.

For more information contact Matthew Baginski, auto shop teacher/fleet manager, 978-236-3320.

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