landmark high school student and teacher in lab

The Landmark Academic Model

Landmark School is accredited by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEAS&C) and is a diploma-granting institution. The High School program progresses students through a high school curriculum and prepares them for college and other post-secondary opportunities while also remediating language skills. Through the Admission process and in coordination with the campus, students are placed into one of three programs at the High School: Expressive Language, Founders, and Preparatory.  

Instruction in each program is language-­based. Faculty integrate specific strategies and techniques that emphasize and reinforce reading, written expression, and study skills into every area of the curriculum.  

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The scheduling process at Landmark School is individualized, and each student’s specific needs are considered. Classes are intentionally small and are typically comprised of 6-8 students. Class groupings are formed according to skill levels and diagnostic profiles in each subject area. Factors such as age, learning style, past performance, and social skills are also considered.

Below are sample schedules for 10th grade students in each program.


1:1 Tutorial  Language
Geometry  Biology  Oral 
Founders Program 1:1 Tutorial


 Geometry  Biology

U.S. History

Literature Elective
Prep Program

American Perspectives in Literature II

Grammar and Writing II Geometry Biology American Journeys II Applied Study Skills Elective

A full list of course offerings and descriptions, may be found in the High School Curriculum Guide.  

Academic Advisors

Each student at Landmark School is assigned an academic advisor. The advisor works with teachers, department heads, residential advisors, counseling staff, and the administrative team to meet student needs and develop effective academic programming. The advisor directly supervises, observes, and directs a student’s daily one-to-one language-arts based tutorial. This role is unique to Landmark School and is often the pivotal factor that ensures each student’s success.

Faculty Support and Communication

In addition to their teachers and academic advisor, Landmark students are supported by several specialists. Subject areas are chaired by department heads and assistant department heads who oversee curriculum development, schedule classes, observe instruction, and meet with teachers. The head of the High School, deans of students, academic deans, residential advisors, public school liaison, and counselors provide additional support to the students and the faculty. A daily staff meeting facilitates communication and consistency.