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High School Students Compete in Science Fair

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eighty-five Landmark School High School students competed in the annual science fair and displayed their ambitious projects for judges and observers on February 27.

Some students proved their hypotheses (runners have larger lung capacity than singers) while others were surprised by their findings (eating does not help with concentration!). Despite the outcomes, the students reported that their projects taught them a thing or two about the scientific process and they gained an appreciation for the level of detail required to defend a hypothesis.

Each project was assessed by four judges and by their science teacher. The teacher's score was given double weight. Projects were judged on presentation, scientific thought, thoroughness, and creativity. The students were required to state the purpose of the project, the hypothesis, the scientific procedure they followed, observations, gather and interpret data, draw a conclusion, and finally, present the project to judges. 

landmark high school 2018 science fairLucie's experiment did not produced the expected results. Crest toothpaste was more effective in whitening teeth than White Strips. She soaked three of her baby teeth in coffee for three days, then for the next 10 days soaked one in mouthwash, brushed one, and used a White Strip on the other. "I thought the White Strip would work best. It's the most expensive tooth cleaner, and we hear how much they help whiten teeth." Regardless of the outcome, the science project solidified that Lucie wants to pursue a career in dentistry. 

landmark high school 2018 science fairHenry tested the voltage of a potato, sweet potato, lemon, and lime. He predicted that potato would have the highest voltage. He hooked each up to a multimeter and was surprised to find the lemon had a significantly higher voltage than the potatoes and the lime. He tested each three times to confirm the results. "I learned that the lemon had the highest voltage because of the acidity."

Congratulations to the Winners

1st Place: Greta Wright
2nd Place: Lucie Lott
3rd Place: Morgan Joyce

Honorable Mention

Alice Schwechheimer
Ekaterina Lekikh
Elizabeth Theriault
Nicole Talbot
Catherina DiGiovanni
Valerie Techert
Allison Techert
Sophia Duff
John Ned Barrett
Isabel West
Griffin Therrian