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High School Athlete of the Week

Saturday, January 28, 2017

phil eskes landmark school's athlete of the week for jv2 basketballTime and again, Phil Eskes has proven himself to be one of the most reliable and fundamentally sound players on the court. Since returning from winter break, his true prowess has really shone through. While Phil has not been the most vocal among his teammates, he leads by example on the JV2 squad. While on the court, Phil plays with his whole team in mind—making cuts, setting picks, boxing out—in essence, putting in the selfless work that creates opportunities for his teammates to succeed. While these roles are often overlooked and thankless, Phil realizes their value for the good of the team. To Phil's credit, these accolades stem from his consistent willingness to implement what his coaches preach, and his "we" over "me" attitude. For all your hard work, thank you Phil!