student working on a laptop

Graphic Design Calendar Challenge

Monday, January 25, 2021

Calendar Project

Ms. Howard's Graphic Design classes were recently challenged to design a full, 12-month 2021 calendar in one week. The project was completely open-ended and it was fun to see the wide range of final results. See some samples below!

Graphic Design

The graphic design course introduces the interaction of text and image and the fundamental principles of visual/graphic communication. Students develop skills in working with text and image through Adobe Photoshop as they create solutions to a series of design problems or assignments. Visual literacy is elevated through exposure to contemporary design examples and graphic design history. Students are expected to increase their proficiency in all aspects of the design process, including the use of formal design principles, type as image, creative brainstorming, conceptualizing, critical thinking, collaboration, and presentation. Graphic Design is an academic elective; there is an emphasis on study skills, writing, technological literacy, and students are required to complete daily homework.

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