student and teacher working with letter tiles

Gotta Dance

Spotlight: Faculty

by Sarah Ciras

Kelli-Ann (Nave) Camacho

Helping Students Flourish

Landmark School is known for providing venues where students can flourish, and Kelli-Ann (Nave) Camacho’s dance curriculum is no exception. Kelli-Ann has been teaching dance at Landmark for nine years and has grown the program from a single class of five students to its current three classes and 18 students.  

The Evening of Dance, a two-night affair where students can showcase their talents, is the first time performing in front of an audience for many. Kelli-Ann is there to support them through what is often a stressful process. As Via Valenti, a class of 2017 graduate attests, "I am grateful for all Ms. Camacho has done for me, especially building my confidence and helping me conquer some of the biggest challenges in my life." Kelli-Ann also choreographs the spring musical each year, and many of the student-actors have little to no experience dancing. She always makes sure they are comfortable taking the stage with their newfound skill set.

Bringing Out the Best

The foundation in dance that Kelli-Ann provides often opens a new window for her students, and she excels at bringing out the best in them. "She always encouraged me and never let me give up," states Jamie Bergin ’14. "She showed me that dance wasn’t just a silly little hobby, but therapy." Jamie has since gone on to become a dance instructor herself.

Kelli-Ann teaches varied dance styles from ballet to hip-hop to contemporary, though her passion lies in musical theater. After school, she heads to the North Shore Performing Arts Center as their competition director, where her work has been nominated for "Elite Choreography" at national competitions. She also actively performs in musicals, most recently choreographing and performing in Marblehead Little Theater’s Best of Broadway Revue. Kelli-Ann has taken on musical theatrer roles with several other companies, performing in national tours such as Star Power’s original Power Pak Tour, VEE Corporation’s Sesame Street Live, and in Out of This World, both East and West Coast National Tours, where she played Super Grover. Other dancing credits include opening for the musical groups Blessed Union of Souls and Evan & Jaron.

An Inspiration

Kelli-Ann was married in 2015 to Joel Camacho, who accepts her profound admiration of Broadway actor Jeremy Jordan and shares her deep love for their adorable dog, Charlie. Kelli-Ann’s kindness, talent, and humor inspire her students. As Rachel Bussone, class of 2016, puts it "Ms. Camacho is someone I will forever look up to, and I’m glad I got the chance to learn from her."


Article originally published in The Lantern, Spring/Summer 2017