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Girls Varsity Soccer Team Wins the IGC Championship

Friday, November 3, 2017

Landmark School Girl's Varsity Soccer completed a tremendous season on November 2 with a decisive 5–0 win over Boston Trinity Academy in the Independent Girls Conference (IGC) Championship. Dozens of fans lined the field and filled the bleachers, cheering the girls to victory! 

It's been decades since Landmark has sent their Girls Varsity Soccer squad to the IGC finals, so the pressure was on. The girls rose to the challenge.

Girl's Varsity Soccer Champions

Game Summary

First Half

In the first half, more than 15 minutes went by before anything big happened. The game went back and forth as Landmark tried to find “their game.”  However, once they found their give-n-go’s, Julia W scored the first goal with 24 minutes left on the clock, letting her team know we were ready to win. Less than two minutes later, Ally T took a shot from the 18, despite playing defense, and scored!  Just like that, less than one minute later, Julia W took her second goal of the game. With these five minutes of pure power, the half ended at 3-0, a dangerous score that any losing team can come back from (as we’ve learned from past games this season).

Second Half

In the second half, while Landmark truly controlled the field, there were no goals being scored by either team for over 30 minutes. The ball was back and forth, back and forth, scaring us a few times as BTA had a couple of fast breakaways. Noting the dangerous score on the board, Landmark kept fighting until the end. With less than 10 minutes on the clock, senior captain Joa S scored the fourth goal of the game, ending her season with a smile.  Liv M did not want to leave the field without a point of her own, so with less than two minutes left, she scored Landmark’s final goal.  

Notable Moments

  • Shannon O and Greta W were a defensive power house, stopping and sweeping anything that came into our defensive zone.  Their communication was on point. 
  • Sarah Jane O played a great game, taking every ball that came her way out of the air and sending it up to her strikers.
  • Anya C had 16 saves yesterday, a few of them seemingly magical. 
  • Morgan J and Sophia D worked well together, setting up plays for each other, having the most give-n-go's of the game.
  • Maddie K, Anna J, and Gwei S-A all paid their dues running up and down the sidelines at the outside mid position, taking it from the corner, turning around, and feeding the ball back to our centers.
  • Abby H was at forward, using her sneaky foot skills, and always finding the open space.