Financial Aid: Individualized Education Within Reach

At Landmark, there is no greater honor than unlocking the potential of our smart, creative students who have often been labeled or misunderstood in other schools. They are the stars that light up the Landmark sky.

Affording a Landmark education is significant for many families—if not completely prohibitive. Making our unique and effective approach accessible to as many students as possible is the best investment we can make. Our goal is to reduce the Financial Aid program’s reliance on the operating budget by endowing a greater percentage of the program, ensuring Financial Aid is available for more students in need in perpetuity.


Facts and Stats



of our students receive funding from their school or districts


2021–2022 Academic Year Tuition


of students receive financial aid directly from Landmark School


of accepted students who decline enrollment state cost as a barrier



There are many students each year who cannot attend Landmark School, or must leave us, because of financial limitations. Sadly, a Landmark education is out of reach for many students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.



The 50 Forward Campaign Will…

•Increase our awarding of student financial aid by 20%.

•Reduce the financial burden of a Landmark education for families in need.

•Promote a more diverse student body.

•Endow a greater percentage of the financial aid program, ensuring its existence in perpetuity.

Contact us (link sends e-mail) to learn more about supporting Financial Aid at Landmark.