student and teacher working with letter tiles

Encouraging a Love for Reading: Book Look

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It’s not just about learning HOW to read, it’s learning to LOVE to read.

Book Look

At Landmark School, we believe our one-to-one tutorials are about more than teaching literacy skills: they are also about encouraging students to LOVE reading. Once students start to feel more comfortable reading, a whole new world opens—not just a world of academics, but also a world of pleasure.

Every year the Landmark Elementary•Middle School holds "Book Look." To the casual observer, and the students who visit, Book Look is a room full of tables with books scattered about. Yet behind the scenes, tutors and academic advisors have carefully assessed each student’s reading level, while the librarian and department heads have selected, sorted, and displayed books according to reading level. Each table is assigned a color, which corresponds to a reading level that students are encouraged to explore in order to pick their summer reading.Book Look

Empowering Students to Succeed

Many Landmark students come from a past where they were told, “You can’t do it,” or “That’s too hard for you.” At Landmark, we focus on giving our students every opportunity to succeed and enjoy their successes. That’s why the Book Look is so carefully and subtly designed to play to student’s strengths, all the while enticing them to pick up a book and read.