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EMS Student Council

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Last month, elementary and middle school students prepared and delivered speeches to an audience of their peers, faculty, and staff pitching their views and qualities that would make them ideal to serve on the EMS Student Council. Candidates promises included planning and taking more field trips, having a soft ice cream or frozen yogurt machine in the cafeteria, getting new recess equipment, and many more.

All candidates from the elementary program were offered seats on the council while the middle school held bonafide elections with secret ballots that were carefully tabulated. The process was as much about electing a student council as learning about the election process. 

Peter Harris, head of the Language Arts Department at the EMS oversaw the process along with Matt Pinstein. These faculty members will serve as advisors to the Council throughout this academic year. 

Thank you to all who ran in this year's elections and congratulations to the winners. 

Landmark Middle School Student Council 2019-2020
Landmark Middle School Student Council, 2019-2020


Landmark Elementary Student Council 2019-2020
Landmark Elementary School Student Council, 2019-2020