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EMS Social Stars Shine

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Putting your napkin on your lap, eating politely, making conversation, not speaking out of turn... these are just a few of the rules that our elementary students learn through our Social Awareness program, part of a social pragmatics curriculum initiated by Speech-Language Pathologist Wendy Ellis and Academic Advisor Beth Mahoney and supported by the entire community.

One of the central events of this program is the annual Social Stars Luncheon where groups of students dine alongside EMS teachers and other school administrators. Students plan for the event by calling an on-campus phone line and making reservations as well as selecting the menu. The meal, served by Rob Kahn, head of EMS; Kirk Swanson, dean of students; Kathie Babcock, elementary coordinator; and Debby Blanchard, academic dean; among others, included French toast sticks, bacon, chicken nuggets, and French fries, capped off with ice cream treats.

Mrs. Ellis described the goal of the luncheon as having fun and practicing expected behavior designed to make our friends and dining partners comfortable. The event was a huge success, a nice break from the routine, and an ideal opportunity to exercise what students have been working on throughout the year.

Following the luncheon each class, as well as Mr. Kahn and Mr Swanson, put on amusing skits to further illustrate their skills as social stars. As always, there was plenty of frivolity and laughs to go around.