student and teacher working with letter tiles

EMS Presentation, A Family Affair

Thursday, February 1, 2018

During this term, our Middle School students have been studying energy resources including information about the science, efficiency, sustainability, and pros and cons of a range of offerings from nuclear to wind energy.

The culminating presentation of the unit was from Dr. Christopher Niezrecki, Chairman of the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Niezrecki is also the Director of the NSF-Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Wind Energy Science Technology and Research (WindSTAR), a National Science Foundation collaboration between university researchers and wind technology businesses. The EMS Science Department Head, Sophie Wilson, organized the presentation and is also coincidentally Dr. Niezrecki's sister! 

Ms. Wilson said, "Although a complex topic, the students were able to broaden their knowledge about renewable energy and learn about the process of building wind turbines from a scientist who is on the forefront of the field."