student and teacher working with letter tiles

EMS Fall Parents’ Days 2021

Welcome to Landmark Elementary•Middle School Parents' Days

EMS department heads produced short videos (below) that provide an overview of each department. We recommend, especially if you are new to EMS, that you take some time to watch these before your upcoming Google Meet conferences with teachers. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to department heads directly. Their emails are provided with each video. 

Thank you for taking the time to watch these!

For Parents' Day questions/scheduling issues, please contact Sarah Turnbull at

Welcome Video and Art Shows

Welcome from Claire Sullivan, head of Elementary•Middle School 


Digital Art Show - Fall 2021


Art Slide Show - Fall 2021

Art Slide Show Fall 2021


Curriculum Overviews by Department

Reading Tutorial

EMS Reading Supervisor / Testing Coordinator
Meghan Sebens,


Language Arts

Language Arts Department Co-Heads
Peter Harris, 
Geoff Russell, 



Math Department Head
Chris Woodin,



Auditory/Oral Expression/Literature/Study Skills (OE/Lit)

Middle School OE/Lit

Middle School Auditory/Oral Expression/Literature/Study Skills Department Head
Martha Heddon,


Elementary School OE/Lit

Elementary School Auditory/Oral Expression/Literature/Study Skills Department Head
Jennifer Schley Johnson, 



Science and Social Studies

Middle School Science
Middle School Science Department Head
Sophie Wilson, 

Middle School Social Studies
Middle School Social Studies Department Head
Bruce Miller, 

Elementary School Science and Social Studies
Elementary Science/Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator
Deirdre Mulligan, 


The Virtual IEP Process

Public School Liaisons
Karl Pulkkinen,
Sharon Musto, 
Joni McLaughlin,