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EMS Fall Cleanup

Friday, October 1, 2021

Students at the Elementary•Middle School helped to make the campus even more stunning by participating in a full-campus cleanup during milkbreak in late September. The event was the first of several initiatives being organized by the school's new Community Groups Program.

Growth through service

The Community Group program aims to empower EMS students to create a stronger school community, while allowing them to recognize, grow, and develop who they are as individuals, as well as instill the value of service. There are four Community Group levels: elementary, sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade, and each has its own theme.

Elementary: Students will learn what it means to be a caring, involved community member and how to participate in community service.

Sixth Grade:  Students will begin to find their voices, get to know each other,  and explore what it means to be in middle school.

Seventh Grade: Students will focus on self identity. Who are they and what do they want to be? They will serve as mentors to elementary school students.

Eighth Grade: Students will assume leadership roles, promote and organize community efforts on campus, foster middle school community, and mentor sixth grade students.

In addition, each group will perform community service and raise money for a specific area of need. Elementary students will focus on food, sixth grade clothing, seventh learning and education, and eighth grade shelter and safety.

landmark elementary middle school students picking up trash on campus