middle school students in classroom wearing masks

EMS Breakfast Club

Friday, November 3, 2017

It's 7:15 a.m. on our Elementary•Middle School campus and Karl Pulkkinen, Public School Liaison and 47-year Landmark veteran, is enjoying breakfast at a table in the small dining room right off the cafeteria surrounded by a chatty group of students. Every day the group is a little different. A few kids are regulars and others join depending upon when they get dropped off or whether there is a spirited basketball or dodge ball game underway outside.

There is no formality to the "club" nor do they have a leader. Every day Mr. Pulkkinen quietly takes his seat at the corner of the table and the students find their place, sometimes sharing breakfast food from home or taking advantage of the offerings the EMS and SAGE Dining Services provide. Conversation is natural, warm, and convivial. It's an effort that grew organically, has taken root, and as the unofficial breakfast club members attest, "is here to stay."