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Shirts: Solid color polo-style short or long sleeve shirt: white, yellow or navy. These shirts have no more than 3-4 buttons, no snaps, must have regular length sleeves, and be able to be tucked into pants. Solid color button-down style shirt: white, yellow or light blue. Turtleneck shirts: white, yellow or navy. All shirts must be solid colored and tucked into pants. Exposed skin/undergarments are NOT acceptable.

Pants: Solid colored khaki, brown, navy, or black khaki-style or corduroy pants. No low riding or tight pants permitted; no yoga, capri or cargo pants permitted. Shorts: For the month of September and from May through June solid colored brown, navy, or black khaki shorts of appropriate length (fingertips must touch bottom of short) may be worn. NO ATHLETIC OR CUT-OFF SHORTS, NO DENIM PANTS OR SHORTS, NO YOGA PANTS, NO CARGO PANTS OR SHORTS

Sweaters: As outerwear, a sweater or fleece may be worn over a collared shirt or turtleneck.

Hats: Baseball caps MAY NOT BE WORN during the academic school hours of 7:30 a.m. to 3:13 p.m.  During inclement weather, hats may be worn between, but not inside buildings. This includes the dining areas. In winter months, a winter hat may be worn during the day.

Footwear: Footwear may include casual, dress shoes, sneakers, or dress sandals. Flip flops or any type of sports sandals are NOT allowed during the academic school day. Slippers are also not appropriate.

Sweatshirts: Landmark will sell sweatshirts through the student store that may be worn during the school day over dress code shirts. Sweatshirts purchased through athletic teams, activities, or residences must be approved to be deemed dress code. Only sweatshirts purchased through the student store are acceptable. NO other sweatshirts are permitted.