student and teacher working with letter tiles

Double the Advocacy

Spotlight: Alumni

by Danielle Figueira

Tucker Twins

Despite their identical appearance and shared language-based learning disability, twin brothers Matthew ’17 and Michael Tucker ’17 had diverse interests and gained different skills during their time at Landmark. Matthew came to Landmark halfway through his freshman year and pursued woodworking, while Michael enrolled his junior year and studied early education. Although they had separate journeys, they both recognize and appreciate the education they received at Landmark and feel fortunate to have received individualized instruction. “Landmark should be the norm for what students with learning disabilities deserve,” says Matthew.

Taking Landmark Tools to the Next Level

The brothers graduated in 2017 and are currently enrolled at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, where they continue to advocate on behalf of their learning disabilities. Michael notes, “Other students with learning disabilities do not know what they are entitled to and are not utilizing the services available to them. Landmark taught me how to advocate for myself and I will never stop doing that.” Matthew adds, “You only get out of Landmark what you put in. The faculty go above and beyond to give you what you need. It’s the student’s—and then the alum’s—responsibility to use that skill set.” The brothers credit the popular Study Skills class at Landmark for helping prepare them for transitioning to college. Now, they are armed with the resources and confidence needed to navigate the education system as independent, confident adults.

When they are on break from St. Mike’s, Matthew and Michael can often be seen on Landmark’s High School campus visiting friends, faculty, and the alumni relations office. It’s important to them to stay connected to the school that made such a significant impact on their lives. Michael, speaking for his brother as well, says, “Attending Landmark was such a privilege and we are so proud to be alumni of the school. We hope we can continue to come back to visit the faculty who helped shape who we are today, and perhaps share our story with current students.”  

Michael is pursuing a double major in secondary education and history and hopes to become a Landmark teacher. Matthew is studying sociology and pursuing a degree in social work.


Article originally published in The Lantern, Spring/Summer 2018