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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates

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Adapting, Innovating, Learning—And Coming Together Like Never Before

The health of our community is our highest priority, and we continue to vigilantly monitor the COVID-19 situation. We are regularly updating this page with information about Landmark's response to COVID-19.

contact Health Services with any questions or concerns:

High School: Jessica Fauci
Elementary•Middle School: Shari Gallant

Latest News

July 9: Update from Bob Broudo to Elementary•Middle School

July 9: Update from Bob Broudo to High School

June 12: Update from Bill Barrett

June 12: Update from Rob Kahn

June 3: Addressing Racial Unrest


A Look at Landmark in the Fall

Headmaster Bob Broudo has announced plans to reopen both the High School and Elementary•Middle School campuses in the fall.

Read details about the reopening plan for the High School and Elementary•Middle School.

While Landmark School plans to open on-campus this fall with campus-specific models, we also continue to plan for multiple options ranging from on-campus, remote learning, and several hybrid models in order to be prepared for the changing landscape of the COVID-19 health pandemic. See more about the Value of a Landmark Education - No Matter the Setting.


Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions for High School and Elementary•Middle School

How will we receive our yearbooks?

Yearbooks for both High School and Elementary•Middle School will be printed. The Elementary•Middle School has not yet decided how they will be delivered. Information will be communicated once a decision is made. At the High School, yearbooks will be mailed to seniors.

Will school start as planned next year?

We plan on opening the school on schedule for the 2020–2021 school year. Here are links to the 2020–2021 High School calendar and the 2020–2021 Elementary•Middle School calendar. However, we are developing several contingency plans in the event that we do not feel it is safe to reopen our campus or we are advised against it by Governor Baker or the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.


Will Landmark School be issuing refunds for the Landmark Day Program for the spring term?

After considerable analysis and discussion, the Landmark Administration and the Board of Trustees supports that refunds will not be available for day students as a result of the program change due to COVID–19. Teacher salaries and other fixed costs make up 95% of the School’s expenses, and we committed to paying our employees for the remainder of the school year while we were operating remotely.

How can I arrange for a Landmark tutor for my child(ren)?

Click the following links to add your name to a database that Landmark faculty can access to offer tutoring.

For high school tutoring

For elementary and middle school tutoring

How are Landmark students responding to the remote model? How are you evaluating progress?

Regardless of the format, Landmark continues to individualize our offerings for each and every student. Within Landmark’s current model, students have benefited from the structure of our schedule in which small classes meet multiple times a week on consistent days and at consistent times. Regularly scheduled live classes occur through Google Meet, a platform our students are familiar with given our use of other Google applications including Classroom, Gmail, and Drive. There are countless other innovations and platforms that our teachers are using to make course content interactive and accessible for all students.

Teachers are also assigning work for students to complete independently, including reading passages, comprehension activities, math problems, and writing assignments. In addition to attending these live class sessions, students are encouraged to take advantage of teacher office hours. These live one-to-one interactions between students and faculty have been invaluable in our efforts to support each student’s needs whether they relate to comprehending material, concepts, or skill development. Learning in a remote model has highlighted some students' executive function deficits, and consequently, this is an area where we have expanded our services to help support our students. 

As teachers do when working with students in person, student progress and performance are evaluated from teacher assessment. Students receive constructive feedback from teachers through in-class engagement and completion of independent work. Teachers are also tracking daily attendance and work completion and providing timely updates to Academic Advisors and other administrators to ensure that students are actively engaged and regularly completing their independent work. Parents will receive a detailed quarterly report sharing their respective child’s progress and performance.

How can you address the social needs for students?

The campuses are continually creating opportunities for students to gather, albeit remotely, and this will only become more extensive in the 2020–2021 school year, regardless of whether we return in a remote, in-person, or hybrid model.

Will you offer a daily one-to-one tutorial in the 2020–2021 school year?

Yes. A key component of Landmark’s value, and the cornerstone of our program, is the one-to-one daily tutorial. Even in a remote setting, we will offer this to all of our students in the fall. 

Will elective options expand to more easily accommodate remote learning?

Yes. We are planning several new elective and extracurricular offerings for our students this fall.

Does Landmark assign summer learning work or reading?

Yes, we do assign summer reading for current students based on their reading level and suggestions from their tutorial teacher. Incoming students are strongly encouraged to continue to read books of their choosing through the summer.

Will you have additional virtual parent meetings to keep parents updated as you are finalizing your decisions about reopening?

Yes, we are planning on hosting other virtual parent meetings as the days and weeks move along and will keep our current and new families and students informed as we move through the planning process. 

How will the decision be made to be onsite or remote?

Because we are an approved program by the state of Massachusetts we must take our lead from Governor Baker regarding the opening of public schools. Our intent is to make this decision as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime, we are developing extensive contingency plans to return to school remotely, in person, or in a hybrid model.

What if you start the 2020–2021 school year in person and then need to move to a remote model?

We have several contingency plans in place and will be ready to execute any of these as soon as we know how the Governor of Massachusetts will open schools. The health and safety of our community is our highest priority.

What will orientation look like for new students for the 2020–2021 school year?

Welcoming our new families is a very high priority for us at Landmark School since we are such a close-knit community. Before the start of school, we will offer robust remote or in-person meetings for parents and fun and lively orientation programming for students, including affinity group gatherings, online or in-person ice breakers and other games, opportunities to meet individually with Academic Advisors, and much more. Information will be forthcoming to various constituencies. 

Elementary•Middle School Specific Questions

What are behavior expectations for students for remote learning?
How can parents/guardians support students during phase?

Minimize distractions

Students should be attending class from a quiet space in the house that is as free from distractions or other family members as possible. Having students wear headphones during live classes could be incredibly helpful to tune out household distractions. 

Materials management

Many students may find it beneficial to create file folders for each class so that they can organize their materials by holding papers and other necessary supplies for their remote classes and homework assignments in a contained place. Check out this video for a DIY Magazine Holder from cereal boxes

Time management

Students should continue to use their Landmark assignment notebook to help organize their weekly assignments. This will help them gain more independence in short and long term planning. 

Please see the Social and Emotional Issues section above.

Will classes/tutorials be observed by academic advisors?

Yes. Advisors, Department Heads, and Administrators are given permissions for Google Classrooms and will be dropping in to observe.

In the younger grades, what will the responsibilities of parents be for the 2020–2021 school year?

In the fall we will be offering regularly scheduled executive functioning classes for all of our students throughout the week. We will also be rolling out workshops and resources for parents to better support their students at home. We will incorporate social time, asynchronous activities, electives, clubs, and other non-academic offerings as well. Above all else, we want parents to be parents to their kids and defer to us as teachers. Our programs are designed for students to engage with their work independently.

High School Specific Questions

Will attendance be taken for individual classes and tutorials?

Yes. Teachers have been instructed to take attendance for all classes and tutorials so that this information can be communicated to Department Heads and Academic Advisors and also to parents/guardians. If parents/guardians have specific questions about student attendance, they are encouraged to contact their child’s Academic Advisor.

What are expectations for students for remote learning?

Please refer to our Remote Learning Guidelines (link is external) for High School students.

Why are classes beginning at the times chosen?

We have students living in several time zones. The chosen class times takes this into account and should allow for all students to participate in live classes without a significant hardship.

Will classes/tutorials be observed by academic supervisors?

Yes. This would primarily include Department Heads/Assistant Department Heads for classes and Academic Advisors for tutorials. Both groups have the option to “drop in” on selected live classes based on their scheduling availability. Administrators will also assist in supervision when available. While it is impossible to have every live class observed by a supervisor, this model guarantees that a supervisor has the option to drop into any class or tutorial on either a scheduled or as-needed basis, much like they do when campus is open.

How can parents/guardians support students during phase?

As always, your partnership is critical to your child’s success at any time during the academic year, and especially now as we transition to this new platform. Please help your child set up a workspace that will support them academically and socially. In an effort to safeguard their privacy, help students be aware of the background/surroundings of any room that they will be working from during live classes. In addition, encourage them to be checking email updates multiple times each day and to be on time to scheduled classes, workshops, and meetings.

Please provide your child with the time and space they need to be successful during this new phase. We ask that parents and/or siblings not engage during live class sessions or meetings so that students may focus on the lesson at hand, interact with their classmates and teachers under conditions they are familiar with, and continue to build their advocacy skills by asking their own questions and/or seeking help when necessary. Academic Advisors should continue to be your primary contact if you have questions regarding any class.

Are students being graded?

No. The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education has informed schools that grading is not to occur. However, students must complete work in order to receive credit in their required courses on a pass-fail basis. We are encouraging teachers to continue tracking assignment completion, giving individual feedback and asking students for the same standard of work quality and quantity as they completed prior to break, while recognizing that some students will need additional support to navigate online lessons. Read Landmark High School's credit policy for more information.

How will not having number grades affect my student’s GPA?

The Guidance Office has been in touch with many colleges and all have stated that they will be open to and expecting transcripts with pass/fail grades for spring 2020. This will not negatively impact students when they apply to post-secondary educational institutions. Also, in calculating GPA, the pass/fail semester is not calculated into the GPA.

My student is a junior. Will the Guidance Department help with the post-secondary planning process?

Yes. The Guidance Department is and will continue to schedule appointments with juniors throughout the remainder of the year to make sure students are on track. Juniors are also encouraged to reach out to their guidance counselors, and to regularly check the Junior Transition Google Classroom for updated information. The Guidance Department will also hold workshops for Juniors to cover widely applicable topics like resumes and personal essays.

My student is a senior. How will the Guidance Department handle sending colleges transcripts and other information?

Guidance will send final transcripts to the institution students plan to attend in June once the semester concludes.

Will graduation go on as planned? If not, will it be held on campus at a later date?

Graduation will not be held on campus in May. However, a ceremony will be held on campus at a later date.

How should I return library books?

For High School library books, please mail them back to:

Landmark High School
Attention: Amy Veling/Library
412 Hale Street
Prides Crossing, MA 01965

Can my student still meet with a counselor?

Yes. Students can arrange phone or Google Meet sessions with their counselor.

If school starts remotely next year, will the High School be giving letter grades to students?

Currently, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has directed schools to not assign letter grades to students during this closure. We are eagerly awaiting DESE guidelines for the fall. While students have not been receiving letter grades, an inherent part of the Landmark model is for teachers to provide qualitative feedback regarding assignments based on their specific learning needs. For the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, students will complete final exams and families will receive detailed quarterly reports outlining their student’s performance.

What will the homework policy be at the High School if you return to school in the fall remotely?

Landmark High School plans to assign homework to students, but the amount and frequency will vary depending upon grade and program. In addition, we are looking carefully at reviewing the total amount of screen time during the live portion of the academic day so that we can provide the appropriate balance of independent work to supplement each child’s program. As part of this evaluation process, we are conducting a student remote learning experience survey and we will use this data to help inform our decisions going forward. On an overall daily basis, students can expect to have a total of 20-60 minutes of homework to complete.

What are some of the measures you will take to enforce social distancing if you offer on-campus classes in the fall?

Social distancing will be practiced in academic and residential areas. Classrooms will be adjusted so that desks are 6 feet apart, building hallways will be marked as one-way flow of movement, and traffic patterns will be adjusted to accommodate separate doors for entrances and exits. Within dormitories, there is some discussion about making rooms single occupancy and rearranging or removing lounge furniture to facilitate social distancing. In addition, adjustments to the flow of traffic, arrangement of furniture, and no-touch serving lines are being discussed with regards to the dining hall.

What, if any, provisions will you offer a family that does not feel comfortable with the on-site model if you offer this in the fall?

We continue to discuss and plan for students from out-of-state who are unable to access campus or those who prefer to stay at home. Even if we are physically in session on campus, there will most likely be a need for some remote programming, either for those students who cannot access campus, for those veteran teachers who prefer to teach from home, or during times when school might be closed down during an outbreak. All of these types of contingency plans are being discussed.

With remote learning will the High School still have Saturday School?

If Landmark were to be in a remote model at any point next year, Saturday School sessions scheduled during that time period would not be held. The plans being developed for potential remote learning next year are taking this into account. Certain programming, which is currently delivered through Saturday Schools, would be incorporated within our remote model.

Is Landmark considering refunds for room and board?

Landmark’s Board recently approved a prorated refund of boarding fees for the 2019–2020 school year, and will consider a prorated refund for residential families for the 2020–2021 school year. This will be dependent upon whether we are open in person or remote and whether this changes during the course of the school year. This determination would be made at the end of the 2020–2021 school year. 

additional information and resources

Communication to Our Families

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