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Cookies with the Ories

Friday, December 13, 2019

“I’ve really enjoyed the community. I feel like I’ve gotten to know a lot of young adults and cultivated some really important relationships,” remarked a student in Landmark High School’s residential video. One of the unique things about Landmark’s student life program is that teachers double as house parents and support staff in houses. This means that students see teachers not only in the classroom, but also in houses in the evening, out on the playing field as coaches, and in the dining hall with their families. This dynamic creates a place that feels more like “home” than “school,” and students have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with adult role models.

Just one example of this kind of interaction is with Mike and Rachel Orie. Mike Orie is a long-time Landmark teacher. His wife, Rachel, while not working at Landmark anymore, still considers Landmark a part of her community. For the last several years they have opened their home to a group of Landmark students to celebrate during the holiday season. They make cookies, watch a silly holiday movie, and hang around together, letting students into their lives. While not “academic,” these types of experiences help students form as whole people.

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