student and teacher working with letter tiles

Composting Debuts at EMS

Monday, October 7, 2019

Given the resounding success of the student-led composting initiative at the High School, the Elementary•Middle School began its own composting program on October 7. Before the first bit of material was placed in the composting bins, Deb Telep and the Green Team gave a presentation showing students what can and cannot be composted. The students were vigilant about making sure the bins were not contaminated by non-organic material.

Isabel West ‘20 and August Reid ‘20, the masterminds of the program at the High School, spoke to EMS students in September, explaining the composting process and its benefits. Students eagerly peppered them with questions about what items could be composted and why others, such as plastics and rocks, cannot.

Landmark students speak up to raise awareness about learning disabilities and inspire future educators. #DyslexiaAwareness #Advocate #learningdisabilities #learndifferently