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Community Service All-Stars 2020 Part 2

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Part 2

Every year Rev. Bill Ferguson recognizes students who have gone above and beyond in the community service program. Typically, an All-Star would be someone who accumulated 50 hours or more, but because our time on campus was cut short, Rev. Bill Ferguson decided to make 30 hours the minimum for All-Stars this year. This year we will be recognizing several students as Community Service All-Stars. The first five, found in this article, were seniors. The last several ​are represented below. Please join me in congratulating these Community Service All-Stars!

Profiles written by Rev. Bill Ferguson unless otherwise noted.


Ellie is a Landmark student who is heavily involved in community service outside of school.  She emailed me to tell me about what she's done, so I'm going to leave the rest to her. She's done work with an organization called Live Blue Ambassadors and she has made quilts for children in China. She completed 97 hours of community service! Congratulations Ellie!

This is from Ellie...

"Live Blue Ambassadors" is run by the New England Aquarium. Since we are all under the age of 18 (ages 14-18)  we are not allowed to work in the aquarium however we do behind the scenes work for them by volunteering such as removing invasive plants from islands in the Boston Harbor area. We also keep track of invasive species and report data to a college. We also do habitat cleanup and restoration. On my first one we spent around 6 hours on the island pulling and cutting plants. I have also done removal of snow for daycare and weeding at funeral homes.  My overall goal is to work in an aquarium someday with penguins. 

In 4th grade I had an exchange student from China for a week and this really made me want to go to China. So when I was 13, I made the 12-hour plane ride to China. I make the quilts for my orphanage. I make the blankets for the kids so they can have some individuality inside of the state-run facility. Everything inside is the same and everything matches to make it easier for the people who work there. I however make every blanket unique so the kids can have something as unique as them to be proud of. I think this helps them feel more original and confident and happy that someone who was in their shoes took the time out of there day to make them a blanket. I also made 15 masks for Mass General. As you can tell I really like making a difference in people's lives. 



boy Gio

Gio is one of the most modest and yet big-hearted kids you would ever meet. He's been involved in community service at Landmark and at home in Falmouth.  At Landmark, he has helped with the student store, Vettes to Vets and Special Olympics. Gio raked leaves for the elderly on several occasion and helped to set up the holiday dance. At home, he is active in his church and has volunteered at the Falmouth Service Center and Friend's Academy. Gio has completed 32 hours of community service this year. Congratulations Gio!


boy erik

Erik is a kind hearted young man who is always willing to lend a hand. This year he has been involved in a number of different community service opportunities at Landmark. He has contributed his time to Adopt-a-Highway, the Trustees of the Reservations, and the Beverly Council on Aging (raking leaves for the elderly). He has also helped with the Landmark Open House and Vettes to Vets. Erik has volunteered 30 hours this year. Congratulations Erik!


boy smiling Gavin

Gavin Colby is definitely someone you would want on your team. He is responsible, committed and a hard worker. He's done a lot of community service at Landmark and at home. At school, he has helped with Vettes to Vets, Bingo at Harborlight Retirement home, New Student Orientation, the Student Store, raking leaves for the elderly, and has helped in the admissions department. At home he is involved with Atlantic Ambulance and has put in many hours with them. This year, Gavin has completed a total of 51 hours. Congratulations Gavin!


boy smiling mark

Mark is one of several students at Landmark who is very active in community service off campus. He works in his hometown of Acton, the Boy Scouts and his home church, Holy Family in Concord. He works with an organization in Acton called
"Miracle League." This organization makes it possible for kids who are wheelchair bound to play baseball. Mark was involved in making a ball field especially for this purpose and it's the only one of its kind in the state. Mark also serves as a "buddy" with the Miracle League. A buddy is a volunteer who works with and helps the wheel chair participants. (Google "Miracle League";... it's awesome!) In the Boy Scouts he has been involved in conservation projects in New Mexico and in Acton. He also helps other Boy Scouts achieve their Eagle Scout award. Mark is currently working on his own Eagle Scout merit badge. He is renovating a children's room at his church. This room had suffered water damage, so he is replacing the ceiling with new ceiling tiles, building a new bench and new shelving. This is one of several ways he's been involved in helping his church. He has also brought Thanksgiving Turkeys to a shelter in Boston, and helped with the Holy Family Christmas tree pick up and lighting ceremony. Mark has volunteered a total of 53 hours. Congratulations Mark!


boy smiling Thomas

While Thomas is new to Landmark this year, he is no stranger to community service. He jumped in right away with Life Bridge Homeless Shelter back in October and then helped with Special Olympics in November. In December, he helped to set up the holiday dance and the big Christmas tree in Alexander. He's joined us for Bingo at Harborlight Retirement Home and spent the winter season working at Beverly Children's Learning Center after school. Thomas worked a total of 34 hours. Congratulations Thomas!