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Coming Together Like Never Before

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Much has changed in our world over the past weeks, but one thing has remained consistent: Landmark's sense of community and camaraderie​. Both were on display on March 19, when more than 40 members of Landmark's faculty and staff gathered remotely via Google Meet for a group meditation session.

Elementary•Middle School Counseling Team Leader Laura Polvinen organized the event to give colleagues an opportunity "to connect, be present in the moment, feel the presence of each other, and feel our community energy and power as we move through this challenging time," she said. "At EMS, we provide meditation each day to students and several staff participate too. We thought that this was a natural extension of what our community usually does when in session, and meditation is certainly something so many of us need during an unprecedented time like this."

"For a first session, the turnout was fantastic! It seemed beneficial that we all had five minutes just to be, turn off, and tune into ourselves and one another." 

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