student and teacher working with letter tiles

Citizen Bee 2021

Monday, March 8, 2021

In February 2021, Landmark High School students held a virtual Citizen's Bee. The Citizen's Bee is a long-standing tradition at Landmark High School. It is a friendly trivia match to challenge students on content they have been learning throughout the year or in current events.

Championship Round a Nail-Biter

All social studies classes participated in the Citizen's Bee virtually. The final round came down to Mr. Murphy's 5th period Economics class and Mr. Ahearn's 2nd period Law class. This final round was close, with Mr Murphy's 5th period Economics class eking out a 2 point win, earning 38 points to the other class' 36 points. The finals "match was conducted remotely by Mr. Chhu and Mr. Talbot, and each class was asked questions during their regularly scheduled class. There were two rounds. The first round featured a series of questions in the following categories: Geography, American History, World History, Famous People, Current Events, and Sports and Entertainment. 

The 2nd round had randomized categories. This year there were questions on poetry, identifying major international cities, state license plates, and fast food menu items, among others.

"Citizen Bee is a creative way for students to review some of the concepts they have learned in their classes, be introduced to information they might not otherwise hear about, and hopefully add to their collection of historical and contemporary knowledge," said Mr. Talbot. "We aim to include questions that tap into students' wide array of interests, providing room for them to shine during a trivia competition which might otherwise feel inaccessible." 

Citizen's Bee winners 2021