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Citizen Bee 2020

Friday, February 21, 2020

On February 21, Landmark High School students prevailed over the faculty team in the annual Citizen Bee, a friendly trivia match that pits Citizen Bee All Stars against faculty polymaths. Competition was fierce, with students narrowly beating their teachers 20–19.

Championship Round a Nail-Biter

In an equally close competition, Mr. Murphy's economics class defeated Ms. Morrow's psychology class, 22–21, in the championship round of the Citizen Bee. Students in social sciences classes competed in a series of matches throughout February, and the two teams with the highest score advanced to the final round. Winning team members included Ned Barrett '20, Kindred Hurtado '20, Evan Kane '21, Alden Martin '20, Ndaua Ndilula '20, Sam Stein '20, and David Warmack '20. Ms. Morrow's team featured Lee Dalzell '20, Morgan Frazier '20, AJ Hughson '20, Daniel Kanaracus '20​, Erin Morrisseau '20, Ndaua Ndilula '20, and Miles Renney '20.

Social Sciences Do-Department Heads Mr. Talbot and Mr. Chuu organized the annual event. Categories in the championship round include geography, history, famous people, current events, and sports and entertainment. They wrote each question themselves, and the current events questions were, well, current. For example, "The Internal Revenue Service just announced that this game’s virtual currency does not have to be reported on tax returns." Answer: Fortnite. There were two rounds in the finals. In the second round, teams were asked to identify pictures, ranging from fast food to animals to currency.

"Citizen Bee is a creative way for students to review some of the concepts they have learned in their classes, be introduced to information they might not otherwise hear about, and hopefully add to their collection of historical and contemporary knowledge," said Mr. Talbot. "We aim to include questions that tap into students' wide array of interests, providing room for them to shine during a trivia competition which might otherwise feel inaccessible." 

landmark school citizen bee winner