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Believe In Me

Landmark School enables students to reach their potential, surprise themselves with abilities they didn't know they had, and soar. They thrive because someone believed in them.

Who is Landmark?

Landmark School is a coeducational school offering academic and summer programs for students with dyslexia, and other language-based learning disabilities, in grades 2-12, including a boarding program for grades 9-12. All just 30 miles north of Boston. Learn more about Landmark School.

What makes Landmark different?

Landmark's approach is what makes us unique. It's rooted in our history, the Six Teaching Principles that thread our philosophy and methods together, the profile of students we accept, the high level of training and mentoring we provide to our teachers, and the culture we foster here. Learn more about the Landmark approach.

I believe in what Landmark is doing!

Thank you for believing in Landmark and our mission. Please consider making a gift to the Landmark Fund.

I Believe