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Application Process to Landmark High School for Elementary/Middle School Students

Your child’s transition to high school is an exciting time. If you are considering Landmark High School for your child, the Admission Office looks forward to working with you during the application process. Many families ask why there is an application process to the High School when their child already went through the process once. Here are a few reasons why we have the process in place:

  • The High School is a diploma-granting institution. We need to have every confidence that students entering the program will meet the graduation requirements and be successful members of the High School community.
  • Landmark strives to admit mission-appropriate students who we feel will make gains during the program. If a student’s learning, cognitive or emotional profile has changed since they entered Landmark, we need to then evaluate carefully a student’s potential for success at the High School or if they will be better served in a different academic environment.
  • The High School campus is expansive with buildings spread out over 50 acres. It is a bustling and busy place with double the number of students and faculty than at the Elementary•Middle School. It has a different feel to it. A level of independence is expected of students, and we look carefully at their potential to socially navigate a larger community.

The EMS/HS Admission Process Timeline

Here is what to expect during your child’s eighth grade school year:


The High School transition application will be emailed to parents.


High School Transition Night: Meet High School Administrators.  


  • Transition application is due November 1.  Download the transition application.
  • Attend a High School Informational visit. These are held monthly, and the dates and times are on the Visit Us page of the website.
  • High School Informational Session. This will occur during the school day at EMS.


Interviews: Scheduled during the school day at EMS with the eighth graders. They last approximately 20 minutes.


Admission decisions are sent during the last week of the month to families whose applications are complete.*


Campus visits: Students tour the High School campus and meet administrators.

*Note: If your child's IEP meeting is later in the spring, we will hold a spot for your child and send an admission decision after the team meeting.

Please feel free to contact the Admission Office, 978-236-3011, at any time with questions about the process. We look forward to working with you and your student.