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Landmark's Visual Arts Department has turned out many talented artists since our founding, some of whom have pursued advanced study and careers in the arts. There are too many to name all at once so we've decided to highlight the talents of a small group that graduated between 2004 and 2007 and recently reconnected with the school. Here we share insights from some of these remarkably talented alumni artists.




Past Alumni Spotlights

Ordered by graduation year.


Thomas Kline '10

Thomas Kline '10Ninja Warrior Contestant

After Landmark, Thomas went to New England College for engineering, then switched to exercise science. He fell in love with working out and wanted other people to enjoy the process. He is planning to go to PT school...READ MORE



Gabriella Pecoraro ’07

Gabriella Pecoraro ’07It all started when I was in first grade. I can recall one eventful day walking back into my class from recess. The teacher strolled to the front of the room and announced that it was now reading time. I sat down to read like all my other classmates and as I looked up I saw the teacher peering down at me. She noticed that I was holding my book, Frog and Toad, upside down and she announced to the class that I was...stupid...READ MORE





Charles Altuzarra ‘06

 Charles Altuzarra ‘06 ImageDiagnosed with a language-based learning disability when he was 17 years-old, Charles Altuzarra arrived at Landmark School in August of 2004. The fresh-faced junior from Paris, France did not know it at the time, but the following two years would change his life in ways he could not imagine. ...READ MORE






Brian Hagale '05

Brian Hagale '05 ImageBrian Hagale was fortunate to have his learning challenges diagnosed at an early age. He was only 12 years old when he left his home in Houston, TX and moved into the North Campus dorm at what is now our Elementary•Middle School (EMS) campus...READ MORE



Sara and Dan Pouladian '99

Sara and Dan Pouladian '99Sara and Dan Pouladian are committed to Landmark for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is because they met each other here when they were in high school. In many ways they are that fairy tale couple. That quote “If I never met you, I would miss you for the rest of my life,” applies to us, Sara says about husband Dan...READ MORE



Theo van Roijen '96

Theo van Roijen '96 ImageWhen Theo van Roijen graduated from high school in Washington, DC, she was convinced that she would never be able to handle college. After a couple of years taking art and music classes, she decided she wanted to attend a four-year college. Theo recognized in herself a deficit in her academic foundation and sought a place to rebuild and strengthen her skills before enrolling in college...READ MORE



Mark Gefteas '94

Mark Gafteas '94As a young boy, Mark remembers struggling in school. Mark could tell that he was learning differently. He remembers being self-conscience about the size of the books he was reading. He thought, “Everyone else is reading bigger books than me,” and his classmates noticed it too. Mark was often called stupid and made fun of by his peers and, as one could imagine, these struggles took a toll on Mark’s self-esteem...READ MORE 


Liz Winchell '91

Liz Winchell '91Liz (LMK ‘91) knows what it is like to be told she can’t do something. She also knows what it is like to get all fired up about a dream and make it a reality. Liz came to Landmark in the late 1980s like many others; a smart young women with dreams, but struggling to read and succeed in a typical classroom...READ MORE




Greg Kearney '74

Greg Kearney '74I attended Landmark when the school was newly founded. In fact my association with Dr. Drake precedes the founding of Landmark by several years. I left Landmark in 1974 to attend my remaining years of high school at the now-closed Oak Grove-Coburn School in Vassalboro, Maine. At the time Landmark was not able to graduate students and so nearly all of the early students had to go elsewhere to finish high school...READ MORE





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