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Why Landmark?

Landmark male student smiling at his deskA Game-Changer

There is no other school that offers Landmark’s individualized approach and resources for students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Landmark is a community that embraces students who have been misunderstood in traditional learning environments and provides them with a customized, appropriate, challenging, and nurturing environment in which to live, learn, and thrive.

Student Profile

Landmark students are eager to learn, are socially and behaviorally healthy, and have average to above-average intelligence. The narrow student profile allows us to zero in on each student’s strengths and challenges and help them achieve success. New students say that within a few weeks they feel more accomplished than at any other time in their lives, that they can finally let their guard down, and see the possibilities for a bright future.

smiling Landmark student sitting at a desk

Landmark Teachers

Landmark teachers are recruited, trained, and mentored to understand these learning differences and are able to tap into each student’s intelligence and abilities quickly and effectively. These faculty members uncover students’ talents, remediate skill deficits, and teach them how to learn, ask questions, and self-advocate. The results are truly amazing.

Please explore this website, inquire, and attend an upcoming Informational Visit to learn more.