Landmark middle school student Fall

Faculty Stories

Landmark faculty members affect each student in profound ways, not only by enabling and empowering students with language-based learning disabilities to reach their educational and social potential, but also by taking an active role in growing the whole student, whether in the classroom, on the stage, or on the playing field. Beyond Landmark, many of our faculty are engaged in an array of activities, altruistic to artistic, physical to philosophical. Here are some of their stories.


Lauren Torres

Why I Chose Landmark – After I graduated from college, I was privileged enough to be able to live my dream: I ran away from scorpions in the Grand Canyon, devoured burgers “animal style” at In and Out, learned how to spearfish in Panama...READ MORE

2021 Retirement Stories

Bill Chamberlain
Circa 2014, there was a computer lab in the Computer Building on the High School campus, and the Technology Department resided there. It was around then that Bill Chamberlain planted the seed that resulted in the growth and relocation of the department into today’s STEAMworks...READ MORE

Jim Kent
Jim Kent is an invaluable Landmark veteran who joined the High School Counseling Department in the mid ’80s. While Jim did teach for a bit in his early years, his primary role has been helping students to take flight by better understanding their own voices, learning to navigate their social-emotional worlds, and developing communication plans...READ MORE

John Fettig
The scraped knuckles from fighting rusted bolts, the welts on the legs from tools dropped, the perpetually dirty hands, the burn marks from that wayward acetylene torch, along with the call about the broken down van on Route 128, are all coming to an end for our beloved auto mechanic and faculty member, John Fettig, as he retires after this school year...READ MORE

Wendy Taylor
Listening to Wendy Taylor reminisce about her Landmark career brings to mind the wisdom of Mark Twain: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never work a day in your life.” ...READ MORE



Wrap-up of an unforgettable Spring 2021 season for Landmark School's Boys Varsity team...READ MORE

Scott Blanchette

A Love Letter to Teaching - Dear Teaching, This year has been a tough one for us. Our relationship has been through so much over the past 12 months...READ MORE

Andrea Meade

The COVID-19 Queen - The Engine Behind Landmark’s Pandemic Response and New Health-and-Safety Standards...READ MORE

Guido Meade and Robb Genetelli

On the morning of April 25, just after struggling to eat an omelet, Guido Meade P’24 put on his yellow socks, the socks that were an instant signal to the nursing staff that he “needs assistance when walking.” With an IV pole in tow, ...READ MORE

Anna DiPerna

Service. It’s fundamental to the ethos of Landmark, and we encounter acts of it daily on both the High School and Elementary•Middle School (EMS) campuses. In times of crisis...READ MORE

Scott Blanchette, Michelle Boucher, and Jamaal Dixon

If anyone were to walk up the dirt road and wander into this setting, they would instantly recognize the familiar environment in which they found themselves: a classroom. An environment solely dedicated to teaching and learning...READ MORE

Meg Arnio

Over the past 13 years of teaching in Landmark’s Elementary program, Meg has developed a systematic classroom environment that provides students with the best opportunities for success...READ MORE

Carlton Winslow

If you really want to understand Carlton Winslow, let’s do this properly. Pause for a minute. Put on some Coltrane. Take a few deep breaths...READ MORE

Deirdre Mulligan

What can you do with a marble, a balloon, a funnel, a magnet, a few dominoes, and some popsicle sticks? According to alums of Deirdre Mulligan’s “Rube Goldberg” unit in middle school science, you can use them to (usually) flip a coin. But according to Deirdre herself, you can also learn to take academic risks and collaborate when confronted by challenges...READ MORE

Kelli-Ann (Nave) Camacho

Landmark School is known for providing venues where students can flourish, and Kelli-Ann (Nave) Camacho’s dance curriculum is no exception. Kelli-Ann has been teaching dance at Landmark for nine years and has grown the program from a single class of five students to its current three classes and 18 students. ...READ MORE