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2018 National Poetry Month at Landmark School

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

April is National Poetry Month


At Landmark School we celebrate not only the poets among us, but those who shed light and raise awareness about what it feels like to have dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities. Below are poems from Landmark community members.

Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind

By Lilly Coble '23

There is nothing worse than sitting in the back of a crowded classroom
Not knowing what is going on
Made to feel like I was in last place of some imaginary race
Like those cartoon characters trying to run and catch up but my feet weren’t moving
The 60 seconds that they allow in a minute were moving too fast for me
Everyone else around me was learning
While I was playing catch up on the stopwatch
There was always a challenge I had to face
My brain felt fuzzy with bees in my ears
Not knowing how to count in order
Not able to do math in my head
Spelling phonetically
Trying so hard to understand the words on the page
Reading out loud feels like a broken white noise machine is playing all of its sounds that it has at once and I can’t focus
As I gnaw on my cheeks as if the words on the page are buried beneath my gums
Scared to say something wrong so the only thing behind my words is insecurity
I smile, grin away the pain, I live with it
I learn how to work with it


Plucked from the Garden

Plucked from the Garden

by Eliza Wildes '16

I’ve never had to explain
The way my brain works
or how I just can’t sometimes

I was fortunate
I was plucked from the overgrown garden
Placed in a pot

But I grew too big
My pot shattered
My roots forcing their way through

Replanted in the garden
Stronger than before
But the plants out here
they are not like the ones
back in their pots

So how do I grow
without help or support
How do I tell the truth
Yet make it out here

Will I die
Wither away
From lack of experience
out in the wild


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