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2018 Fall Parents' Days

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

By the Numbers

Hundreds of parents and guardians descended on the High School and Elementary•Middle School campuses for fall Parents' Days. Take a look at these facts and stats about the event-packed days.

High School

October 18 and 19

Number of visitors who attended: 510 
Number of conferences: 2,529
Sporting events: Boys varsity soccer, girls varsity soccer, varsity golf, varsity volleyball, JV volleyball
Art events: Performing Arts Parents' Day Showcase
Reception at Headmaster Bob Broudo's home

"I had many conversations with parents, new and veteran, which made me feel exceedingly proud to work at a school like ours," said Bill Barrett, head of the High School. "Based on these conversations, it was clear that the effort everyone has put forth since August has not gone unnoticed by our parents."

Althea Sargeant, Beverly Carpenter, and Cal Zelenka worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure all events ran smoothly.

landmark elementary middle school parents days 2018EMS

November 8 and 9

Number of families who attended: 164
Number of conferences: 978
Classes observed: 310
Events and activities: Displays of student portfolios, student goals, and work created in electives, "Snappy Chat" presentation about social media by Tara Joly-Lowdermilk and Laura Polvinen, and more.

"I had several chances to simply walk down a column of conferences in the gym and glance at the parents' expressions as they met with you all," said Rob Kahn, head of the Elementary•Middle School. "It was clearly a great day for them, knowing that the engaged and knowledgeable professional across the table was instructing their child on a daily basis."

Coordination and meticulous organization by Tara Joly-Lowdermilk, Deb Blanchard, and Sarah Turnbull made Parents' Day a success.

On both campuses, recognition and appreciation goes to Daniel Sebens, Loren Meicher, and all facilities staff and groundskeepers for preparing the campus to look great and keeping all the visitors safe during arrival, parking, and dismissal times.