middle school students in classroom wearing masks

2018-2019 EMS Student Council

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

In late September at the Elementary•Middle School 25 students ran for positions as school leaders through the Student Council. Students prepared and delivered speeches to their schoolmates and were rewarded with thunderous applause and an overwhelming response. Spirits were high and the mood friendly and collegial. The decision was unanimous—ALL students running deserved the right to sit on this year's slate of officers. The largest group ever! 

Students swayed the audience with offers to host more pizza and movie nights, plan more field trips, have a snowman making contest and a field day, organize community service initiatives, and many more suggestions to enhance student life at the Elementary•Middle School. 

Solenn M. invited voters to give her a shot so she could give them a bullseye, Harrison H. said he would try to get Mr. Swanson to dye his mustache pink, and Dylan T. promised not to feed anyone bologna. 

Thank you to Mr. Harris and Ms. Turnbull for helping prepare students for their speeches and for supporting the Student Council campaign, and to Ms. Maddox for the photos. 

Front: Julia B, Nathaniel S, Catherine F, McKenzie B
Back: Elijah A, Dylan T, Rose W, Solenn M (missing: Abby Cournoyer)
Front: Maggie C, Clara S, Cole R, Sam S, Myles H, Kenady D, James A
Middle: Paige B, Hadley D, Nico S, Cole E, Will H
Back: Harrison H, Alex A, Jack L